How to Replace Corrupted Printer Drivers?

Corrupted printer drivers might cause print spooler subsystem app errors and other related problems. Printer drivers get corrupted by some software or hardware malfunctions. Improper or interrupted install, uninstall and update processes might also cause corruption of a printer driver file or the system settings that printer driver depends on. Some malicious program can corrupt and delete printer driver files, or even replace them with rogue hacked replicas that are functional. This way, malicious programs hide destructive code inside legitimate files. Certainly these hacked drivers are poorly designed, and they cannot handle all the printer driver functions properly. These various corruptions can cause print spooler service errors, before you replace corrupted printer driver file with a normal one.

How to fix print spooler error caused by corrupted printer drivers?

You can fix a problem with corrupted printer drivers by reinstalling your printer with the following simple procedure.

1. First, you need to stop printer spooler service if it is running. You can do it by opening “Control Panel“, clicking ”Administrative Tool“, and double-clicking “Services”.

2. To stop the print spooler service, scroll down the list of services and double-click “Print Spooler“ line.

3. In the opened “Print Spooler Properties” window click the “Stop“ button. Then close all windows.

4. Click Windows “Start“ button again and open “Computer” folder.

5. Expand folders to ”C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers”.

6. Delete all files and folders found in “drivers” folder.

7. Physically disconnect your printer from the computer by unplugging the cable connector. Wait for couple of seconds, and then connect printer back to your computer.

8. Restart your computer and let operating system detect your printer and reinstall printer drivers.

9. If you print spooler service is set to “Automatic”, then it will be started along with operating system. Otherwise, start your printer spooler service with the same procedure that you use to stop the service (clicking “Start” instead of “Stop” option). Check if “Automatic” startup type is set and correct it if not.

After this procedure is completed, the drivers compatible with your printer are installed from the operating system storage. Thus, the error caused by the faulty printer driver will be fixed. If the problem persists, then it is not caused by corrupted printer drivers, and you need to look for other possible print spooler problems.

Note: If you had installed and used printer drivers from CD that came with your printer, then you might need to re-install printer drivers provided by the printer manufacturer if your printer doesn’t work as you expect with default drivers provided by Windows OS and installed during automatic printer installation.

As an option to the described above procedure, you can use the System Restore utility to replace corrupted drivers. If you notice the moment when the problem first occurs, then you can find a restore point close to the last date when your system properly worked and restore your system to the saved conditions.


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